Primary Areas of Operations

We do more than just invent cutting edge technologies. We bring together a symphony of people, processes, and technology to build hybrid digital ecosystems to scale industries and businesses. We create high-paying high-skill jobs in Historically Underutilized Business Zones. We forge partnerships with national corporations and nonprofits to solve real problems and foster teamwork and economic growth worldwide. We take bold steps to bring literary works to life. And, we work tirelessly to make our collective dreams of the future a reality today.

Enterprise Technology Services

We offer a wide range of consulting and solutions development services for small and large business and governments worldwide.


Experience the world's first amateur sports arena, paired with a drive-in theater parking deck, powered by our patented mass distribution system for the theatrical release of live independent content.


Using a patented revolutionary green construction system, we build structures with a steel, hazard resistant frame covered inside and out with abuse-resistant weather-proof long-lasting coatings.


Professional security services and special operations with global mission scope, protecting our staff and external clients in a wide range of areas of operations.